DashMagiq® Email Quarantine Workflow

DLP Email policies sometimes lead to some critical emails being quarantined, sometimes for a good reason, at other times, for not such a good reason.

Your DLP Implementation is incomplete without DashMagiq® workflow for review and release of quarantined email.

Product Details

When an email is quarantined by a DLP solution, DashMagiq® Email Quarantine Workflow automatically notifies the sender's manager or an appropriate stakeholder. It automates the process of quarantine management by deleting or releasing emails based on the responses and decisions of the manager(s) or stakeholder(s). The workflow presents a questionnaire to the manager or stakeholder to record their decision and reasons. DashMagiq® automatically releases the email from the DLP and creates and stores the documentation necessary for compliance.

Cyber Security

Product Video

DashMagiq® is an automated solution that helps in resolving DLP incidents efficiently using simple questionnaires and workflows. This video demonstrates the email quarantine release feature of DashMagiq® that enables authorized managers to review the quarantined emails and take informed decisions. It explains how the manager can respond to and resolve such data loss incidents quickly and efficiently using the automated workflow.

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