DashMagiq® Risk Mitigation Toolbox

Cyber hackers are determined and use sophisticated, continually evolving attack techniques to steal corporate data, and enterprises must stay vigilant and proactive in mitigating risks to corporate networks and data. DashMagiq® Risk Mitigation Toolbox provides innovative risk mitigation solutions.

Product Details

Improve your risk mitigation strategies by automating, customizing, and monitoring your various processes. DashMagiq® Risk Mitigation Toolbox is a collection of tools that helps mitigate cybersecurity risks to your organization.

Cyber Security

Product Modules

Application Control Module

Security best practices prescribe blocking unauthorized applications from executing on critical machines to protect your data and network from unknown cyber risks. Typical application control systems allow you to blacklist applications. Blacklisting applications is not very effective as new applications get added on a daily basis. DashMagiq®’s Application Control Module uses whitelisting as the mechanism to prevent unauthorized applications from executing in your organization. It monitors your endpoints continuously and allows only whitelisted apps to run.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Ransomware Simulator Module

An innovative approach that simulates ransomware attack for cybersecurity drills and training for employees. The Ransomware Simulator Module enables your IT department to run ransomware drills and collect valuable readiness information to provide targeted training to employees. The Ransomware Simulator Module reports about employees who succumbed to the simulated attack.

Content Redaction Module

Standards such as PCI-DSS, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) mandate that sensitive data is never stored in unprotected locations like endpoint machines and unprotected file shares. Business teams often push back the automatic delete/quarantine remediation actions offered by DLP systems. DashMagiq® helps meet the needs of Business teams and the Compliance team by redacting only the sensitive information in the documents while leaving other contents unchanged. The original document is retained in an encrypted format with access control.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Incident Classifier Module

Typically, more than 80% alerts from a DLP system are classified as false positives after manual review. This module provides an AI/ML powered method to automatically classify the incidents based on historical incident handling data of your organization. The ML model trains itself in your environment using the historical records of actions taken on DLP incidents and predicts a risk score to help prioritize and classify incidents faster.

Product Videos

DrillMagiq Ransomware Demo

DrillMagiq™ is an innovative cybersecurity solution that enables an IT department to run ransomware drills and assess level of alertness in the organization. After each drill, DrillMagiq provides a detailed report about people who fell prey to the simulated ransomware attack. This enables the organization to conduct remedial training for the identified employees and also improve their cybersecurity awareness training programs. Every drill with DrillMagiq strengthens your organization’s defence against ransomware attacks.

This video illustrates a successful case of DrillMagiq Ransomware Simulator implemented in a large organization. It shows how an organization used a simulated ransomware attack (ransomware drill) to collect employee readiness data to provide targeted cybersecurity awareness training.

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